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Ran Guitars has been building custom instruments according to the customer`s wishes.

You can use our online custom quote form (separate for RAN Models and custom guitars) or send us detailed specification of your project to our e-mail. If you have any doubts or indecision don't hesitate to discuss the particulars of your instrument, and to ensure that we have all the information we need to build your custom guitar. Once the final specification is approved, we will send you a pro forma invoice with details of your order and our all needed information for a funds transfer. You can verify and confirm if the data for your order are correct.

When confirming the order, please provide your full shipping/billing address and telephone number. A deposit of 50% of the invoice total is required before we start work on your guitar. The balance is due upon completion of the instrument and before the delivery. The deposit is non-refundable. We will not proceed with this order until we receive payment (the custom quote is valid for 30 days). We accept payment by bank wire transfer. Also it is possible to make the PayPal payment (you will have to add 3,9% to the total to cover their fees).

When the initial payment is confirmed, we will make the mockup of your project for checking of overall look, controls pattern location, etc. Once it is approved, we set up an account in the "Customer Zone" where you have access to the data of your order and you can make changes. You can do these amendmends during the whole build process, but once the design is determined any changes will affect the price and schedule of the project. The pricing difference will be added to the balance due. Significant redesign and rework after specs are decided upon may cause the project to get bumped back on the construction schedule. The work will be individually tailored to work on current projects, planned purchases and other activities of the company. If the change causes us to modify or rebuild a part, there will be a service fee for our additional work. Ran Guitars will not be held liable for any delay in completing your guitar.

Our estimate build time for custom projects may vary 8-12 months and sometimes more, depending on the customer`s specs and the amount of work in progress at the time. It refers to the initial specification only. All instruments are sent directly from Ran Guitars. We ship worldwide via UPS or EMS parcel service (usually, the delivery take 3-5 business days).

The shipping cost depends on the delivery zone, the total weight and size of the package:

  • the EU and UK: 50 EUR
  • Norway, Switzerland, Monaco: 140 EUR
  • USA, Canada, Mexico: 150 EUR
  • Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, China: 180 EUR
  • Australia: 230 EUR
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